Social foundations of health

I know this feels like a weird category for a foundation of health, but let me define what I mean and I think you will agree with me.


Think back to anytime in your life when you had a major change. Started a new school, had big family shift, or made the decision to buy a car or home.

Chances are, you had at least one person supporting or encouraging you, and letting you talk through all your fears and doubts.

I know some of you did not have that support, which made those changes that much harder.

Addressing your mental health, making any significant change in your diet, or starting to exercise, are all major life changes.

Despite these changes being important and valuable, there will still be moments that you are going to feel overwhelmed and want to stop.

To make these changes permanent, you are going to need support from friends, family, and partners.

When I started back on the road to health, I joined Weight Watchers. It was tremendously helpful to be with people who were all seeking the same goals I had.

If you do not currently have this type of support network. It is time to go out and find a support group. Join a gym. Ask a neighbor or friend to start walking with you. Begin surrounding yourself with friends and family who encourage healthy behaviors.

As you build support around you, you will also find accountability and connection.


Support is what you need to get started, but accountability keeps you going.

Accountability is someone asking you about what you are eating, if you are exercising, or checking in to make sure you seeing a health professional if you need one.

One of my favorite tools to encourage is a buddy system where you and another person commit to either working out together and/or checking in on what you are eating.

When that timer goes off at 5:30 in the morning to go walk/run/whatever, the motivation to get out of bed will be so much greater if you know someone else is waiting/counting on you.


We are designed to be a part of and crave community. It is an element that is a part of our most inner being to want to belong somewhere.

Surrounding yourself with positive influences, people you connect with and have similar goals is pivotal to long-term success.

There are times when we are so focused on this sensation of belonging that we do not allow ourselves to be real and begin to cycle in unhealthy relationships.

I found connection in my church; I joined a Moms of Preschooler’s Fellowship (MOPS). God used this to provide me with an intimate group of friends. With their encouragement, I finally realized that I am not alone. They were a catalyst I needed to find the help I needed to regain my health.

This journey is about setting yourself up for success in all areas of your life. Social Health is key.

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