Foundation of Health: Mental Health – Whatcha thinking?

How many times have you told yourself, “I don’t feel like walking or exercising today; I’ll do it tomorrow.” Or, “I am just so hungry; I will start that diet on Monday.”

It is an endless cycle of one more day, one more event, or just this last piece of pizza I promise.

Breaking that cycle is not an easy task. It takes extreme mental focus to start making decisions that will change unhealthy habits and patterns that have been done for years or possibly a lifetime.

Your mental health is key in every decision you make all day long.

It impacts what you eat, what you drink, how active you are, if you exercise, and

    whether or not
you go to bed on time. The list can go on and on with daily decisions impacted by how you think and feel.

If you are happy and upbeat, it will be easier to stay on track.

However, if depression, anxiety, fear, and fatigue are added as a part of your mental state, your chances of making a good, or even a better choice, become difficult at best.

I have spent years with the feelings of being unworthy to be loved, unworthy to be happy, and unworthy to be special. But, we are created by God. and we are designed for all those things and more.

Breaking negative cycles may not be something you can do on your own.

I had to take a step out in faith and required treatment from my medical doctor and a therapist to gain the mental strength I needed to begin the road to recovery and success.

Being able to look at your life and the circumstances that surround you to find the positive takes discipline and lots of practice.

Letting go of a lifetime of hurt, frustrations, and past failures is a monumental task. You must choose to start with one positive thought at time.

At the heart of my success was a firm understanding of my “Why”.

That “WHY” will get you off your couch and get you moving. It will aid in turning down that delicious piece of birthday cake, making sure you get enough sleep, and following through with positive, healthy choices more consistently.

Start thinking about What has led you to this moment in time and Why you are going to change. Understanding the answers to these questions is THE most powerful action you can take for your health journey.

When I was at my peak of depression, I could not exercise, I was tired all the time, and I was eating horribly.

God equipped me with the skills to break the cycle of negative thoughts. Since then, I have lost weight, am happy to eat healthy, and ALL my relationships are fuller than they have ever been!

My WHY, continues to drive me and has now grown into the desire to help women and mothers see their health is the most important gift they can give to their families.

I encourage you to take a few minutes and think though your why and write it down.

This helps clarify exactly what your “Why” is and adds accountability because putting it in writing makes it more than just a thought. . . it is a tangible, visible, written motivation.

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