4 Foundations of Fitness and How They Pertain to You

There is so much information swirling around these days on how to lose 5 pounds, what diet will make you “healthy,” and how to make exercise easier, faster, and simpler.

If you are anything like me, it is overwhelming. How do you even know where to start?

I would love to tell you a healthier lifestyle is easy, but it’s not.

As you adjust to a new way of living you will build new, healthier habits, but it will takes focus, drive, determination, sweat, and probably some tears to conquer the bad ones you established over a lifetime.

As with anything good for you, it takes practice and discipline.

Every morning, every mealtime, every time sitting seems more appealing, you must make a conscious choice to choose what you know will make your mind and body healthier.

I believe there are 4 foundations to fitness and if one area is neglected it will be the downfall of your healthy living. These foundations are listed in order of importance. I strongly believe that we must begin with mental health, because it is key to making any lasting change.

  1. Mental – how you feel about yourself, why you are making these changes
  2. Nutrition – what you put into your body to care and nourish yourself
  3. Social – support, accountability, connection
  4. Physical – the act of exercising, choosing a more active lifestyle

My health journey began in my teens. After years of education, trials and a few errors, I achieved healthy, balanced fitness. I’m sure no one will be surprised to learn that my journey was derailed when I started having kids. For a while, it seemed impossible to do anything for myself, especially exercise and eat better.

I am here to support, encourage, and tell you it is possible!! It just looks different in this season of life.

Simply, “I need to lose weight” is not going to cut it. You can go 90 to nothing and see weight loss, but why was it not sustainable.

Did you believe you are worth it? Did you believe you deserve to live a healthier life?

It is time to let go of all the lies, hardships, and perceived limitations you believe about yourself.

Together, let’s refocus our minds; instead of life happening to us, we can make it happen for us.

Once you start setting your mind right and begin freeing yourself from what is holding you back, your ability to make better decision about what you eat, who you spend your time with, and adding activity will all get a little easier.

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